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Got something to say in print? A bio perhaps,  or a viewpoint piece you need to make a good job of. And it has to sound like you – or your organisation –which might mean something a tad more formal than this!  

From emails to training materials, instructions to reports, speeches to signs, promo pieces to CVs  — there are so many settings where your words must count.  

 I can help you become a better writer through on-line webinars, face-to-face workshops, or personalised coaching sessions. (Yes, even a combination of all three!)

Or we can co-create — work on it together until you know it's sharp and effective and sounds like you. Or I could  'ghost-write' it for you — it  sounds like you, is great writing, but you haven't had to lift a finger.


“I'm feeling confident that I can present my ideas in a way that will get attention - and for all the right reasons!"
Consultant, advisory group

“The feedback on your course has been great. What they thought would be dry and boring was not only really interesting, but it's sorted a lot of the disagreements about what is right and what is best for our readers”
Manager, engineering company

"In my role as Managing Director of TetraMap International I need to write a number of documents and have always believed I am a 'reasonable' content writer.  However, what Robyn brings in her capacity as a professional reviewer of important communications - like strategy documents - is finesse.  Finesse to make words count. Finesse to make sentences crisp. Finesse to make the structure impactful. Finesse to make the document consistent.

I could go on, but I won't.

Ask yourself, How important is it for me to write something that connects and communicates clearly? Then - get in touch with Robyn!"      

Louise Duncan, TetraMap International





"The course yesterday was exceptional and has inspired me to adopt a new stance with my writing  - so thank you!   I look forward to your review of my revised document!"

Daniel T, Technical Underwriter, IAG




Make Words Count

Write what you mean
         Write to be read
                 Write it right
                      Write it well



When you write it has to work for your purpose, place, and people.  So having spent my career in words-based workplaces I've learnt much. I've written for and with education, corporate marketing and communications, magazines, training units – along with key-note speaking, facilitating, training and coaching. Servicing a wide range of clients in fields as varied as insurance, education, engineering and construction, science, retail, health and government services has exposed me to many different contexts where words reign supreme. I’m passionate about getting important messages across, and the foundation is the way we work with words.

Credentials? My formal qualifications include MBA from Massey University, a BA and Post Graduate studies in social sciences from Otago University, and a Diploma in Teaching (NZ Ministry of Ed). I’m a Fellow of Institute of Management New Zealand and have professional accreditations with the Australian Human Resources Institute and the Professional Speakers Association.

Besides getting a buzz from working with people, and dabbling in photography, I have fun keeping fit with CrossFit, Zumba and cycling – and uncovering the treasures of Western Australia where I now (mostly) live.



Tell me what you need help with and we'll work together to find the best strategy!


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Making it reader-ready
Styling, editing, proofing
Creating your content
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